This feature makes Pro-Shot modular cleaning rod more practical and convenient for use on a wide range of fireams, from very short barrel handguns to long barrel rifles. The second test was to use torque wrench against torque wrench to see which one would break first. Pearls of Wisdom are Heard not Spoken. This feature makes our screwdriver bits very suitable for use in outdoor conditions. Made in the U. The wheeler gets used on stuff I don’t give a damn about. I took them up to

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All models can be purchased directly from Borka Enterprises by emailing info borkatools. To learn details borka torque to purchase torque tool kits, use menu on the left. Savage Action Screw Torque Tuning. If you happen to run borka torque the need to remove such fasteners, please use either L-shaped allen hex key, Mountz mini ratchet or other similar tool. Got mine in the mail yesterday.

The wording in the warning is understandable, but perhaps Boris could add one more line, saying “If you need to loosen a fastener, hold only the bar-end or use another tool. Camo pattern pouch, shown in the video below, is not available since The only possible shortcoming of the Borka is that unlike the Seekonk you can’t back screws out with it, at least according to the warning printed in bold, borka torque type stating that the driver borka torque for borka torque right-hand fasteners only.


Post Options Post Reply. When you consider all the torque values you cover with this kit, compared to the individual seekonk wrenches the Borka’s value becomes readily apparent. The TAB Gear roll up pouch is great also. We strongly prefer that you place and pay for your order s online, borka torque use of our shopping cart, supported by PayPal secure payment processing technology. Shipping charges are calculated depending upon the number of items in your order.

Vast majority of the customers, including toraue, would not be likely borka torque to unscrew borka torque much larger fasteners, originally installed with lots of torque.

This feature makes our screwdriver bits very suitable for use in outdoor conditions. Working with low torque range allows the user to select torque setting between 10 inch-lbs. However, and on occasion, ATD may be used to loosen fasteners without negative consequences, borka torque only if fasteners were originally tightened with the same ATD 1and only if fasteners are not seized due to various factors 2which may take place over extended periods of time.

Made in the U. FYI, borka torque of certain accessories, which are specific to the different kit configurations, is provided at the bottom of this web page.

All kidding aside, looks like a great product, and I will be getting one from you guys, I just might have borka torque wait a bit. Take note that we do not ship to international retail borka torque.


BORKA TOOLS Multi Torque & Adjustable Drivers

I do like the Borka as a “bag unit” better, though. Borka torque, you can just pack components from SBK into your own tool bag or case for use outdoors, as needed. We do not ship orders to destinations outside the U. Video review by Frank galli borka torque Snipershide.

This setting tool, which is not borka torque bigger torqye heavier than the 6-setting model, is cleverly designed — you simply flip it over to borka torque from the first six torque settings to the second six. Borka Tools adjustable torque driver ATD provides a range of the tightening torque adjustment from 10 inch-lbs. I have 5 different Snap-On torque wrenches borka torque, all of which are calibrated annually.

This kit is small enough to be carried inside your own shooting, hunting or tool bag. And every Borka driver is calibrated to ensure accuracy before it ships. Boris will have to verify. Contact us by e-mail to get a price quote.

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We highly recommend borka torque watch ATD related videos from Tactical horka Learning Firearmsposted on our borka torque home page and available from Youtube. Below is the list of available ATD based kits.

This is one of those times where you do get what you pay for. Well thought out, simple, durable, and packable.