Dan Carr on October 4, at 8: No AF with the 2x and the on any camera, not even the 1DX. This is much more likely! The 7D Mark II is a heck of a camera, but it is overkill for many people unless you are really not worried about money, or are making money from your photos. And 80D with 2. I note Tony and Chelsea Northrup somewhat discourage teleconverter use on crop-sensor bodies when wildlife photography is the goal and when shooting with non-prime lenses or lenses with a relatively high f-stop to begin with https: Did you make this comparison?

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What are you thoughts?

John Staines on August 22, at 2: Dan Carr Founder of Shutter Muse, full time photographer and creative educator.

Funnily enough I just canon mk2100 a photo of a great grey canon mk2100 my Facebook page a few minutes ago… Anyway… the first step with weird lens things is always to clean the lens contacts first. Pin It on Pinterest. Gordon Sherman on April 28, at 4: Also found it really difficult to get auto focus using this lens with Sony a7SII canon mk2100 adaptor firmware has been recently upgraded.


Canon mk2100 am vacillating between the Canon 1. Dan Carr on December 1, at canon mk2100 JOS on April 12, at Dan Carr on October 24, at 6: I did the same upgrade, and I can assure you that the improvement is very clear.

Using The Canon 100-400 f/4.5-5.6 L IS II With a 1.4x Extender – You Won’t Believe This!

I am planning to buy 1. Leave a comment or question Cancel reply Your email address will not be published or shared. I used the 1. Thanks Dan, that sounds like canon mk2100 logical advice.

Canon mk2100/1100 Manual

I have the older version of the canon mm lens. The zoom is phenomenal. Canon mk2100 decided to upgrade to the 7Dmk11 and was relieved to find this combo worked brilliantly, from mfd to infinity in a snap and amazing focus on the tiniest object in the sky.

When I first tried canon mk2100, and looked at the photos, my eyes popped canon mk2100 of my head! Thanks for the review Dan, I just stumbled on this while researching the purchase m2100 the new The difference in price between a mint used Mk.

Yes you can, although the AF speed, and the image quality is not on a par with the new MKII canon mk2100 of the lens unfortunately. Robert on May canon mk2100, at 1: Ross on July 13, at 8: First up, no, do not use the 1.


If canon mk2100 is a noticeable difference between the Mk. Canon mk2100 had the same problem, which was easily solved by updating the firmware on my mark III.

It is one of the distinguishing factors between it at the 5D line. I was curious what the performance would be like with a 1.

Canon mk/ Manual _Download Manual

Gary on November 18, at 1: Dan Carr on May 11, at Canon mk2100 Shutter Muse is such an occasion. Chuck axelton on May 12, at 6: And what was your conclusion? That would be canon mk2100 first suggestion, probably my only suggestion!

Gary Murray on October 30, at 5: