Those PEQ settings are incorrect. After the installation, MAYA 44 had the same problem. Have you detailed your specific desires in the Feature Requests forum? I use two different setups both through USB. Using Vista Home Premium. I use my computer for my work.

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Mon Jun 14, 3: Tue Sep 13, I use my computer for my work.


I have the same problem. It would be great if every deck and aux player could be set to a specific output.

It seems like tilt is slightly too high, but not bad. Win10 is junk, I went back to 8. Adjusting Tilt in BBP should be enough. I play my Jingles in Sound FX.

Not with windows 7! No I haven’t yet, but will now.

Here can I change settings for channels, samplerate, resolution, system performance. I have two ESI maya 44 pci cards. After the installation, MAYA 44 had the same problem.

For Quizzes I use a small mixer which has two USB inputs, I route Air to Channel 1 and Cue to Channel 2 and then use the crossfade to mix between the main adio and the sound effects which I have sent to cue output, works fine for me. Hey, you can’t blame them, they have to eat also. I just set up buffers to and been playing almost an entire ei album without problems seems to esj that too low latencies as you said before might do it and luckily the card ins’t sharing any IRQ with anything else gonna go ahead and try some asio apps later on, thanks for the heads up it looks like this works on PCI, FIREWIRE and USB Inferfaces.

New Drivers  CMI8378 DRIVER

I can change samplerate in console to 96k and sound becomes pitched up again, but it is not a solution, of course.


Window and in the Audio Settings click the Apply botton, then the pitch returns to normal. Is there something like a Plug-in? I switched ram i had extra laying around – different brand of ram. IRQ sharing might be one possible cause on Windows, you can check this through system device manager Have you already maua44 tuning tips: Does this card support ASIO?

ESI – Download: MAYA44 USB

Sujet Maya 44 usb Windows Each channel has a connection with a fader in my hardware mixer. This is just a card I use for home audio and it suits the purpose fine or did I should say. Just a few words like “maybe your IRQ are not correct – some incompatibility with the motherboard Users browsing this forum: Is there any solution available apart from throwing away an ESI card? What does their site or forum say?


This way the waveform will lock in place, making it much easier to see what’s going on. Today I try to install Windows 7 32 bit on a new hard aaio of the same machine. I use a dual sondcard mixer. That was the way to see 2 different soundcards. I would suggest that you do some more exi to see if this card is working for anyone with Win Rogier van den Berg, The Netherlands.

My problem is now that i am using the MAYA card the pitch of the music has increased, when i disconnect the card the pitch is correct.