I like the Ubuntu iso as compared to the RedHat one. Sign up using Facebook. This is especially problematic for the hard drive He told me there was a “redhat driver pack for windows” or something like that Downloaded the ISO from:

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Windows 2008 guest best practices

If you get a bluescreen or a plea to use the RepairCD, something went wrong. This is especially problematic for the hard drive UnicornClouds Home About Archive. To improve performance the network and IO – dyasny and the documentation recommends installing virtIO winddows.

It should now be coming up on VirtIO disk and network drivers. Make sure Vista VM is up to date on patches and the disk is error free. Done Hope that helps.

So far so good. The solution is to put a “dummy” virtio-harddrive into the config or just the same harddrive twice as virtio and normal harddrive; make sure not to write access both of them! But, here is what a colleague actually did: I am assuming NetKVM is for the network drivers and viostor is for the disk drivers.


Thanks for your help again. Once completed you should be prompted to changed the Administrator password. We used the Win7 drivers of these drivers for Win Server R2, which work firtio. Sign up using Email and Girtio. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. It all should be fairly straight forward at this point.

Windows guest best practices – Proxmox VE

The current version is at this link. Just heard it this could be the reason for our problem. You can also import this completed virtual machine into Glance so that it may be used for instance deployment within OpenStack.

Boot up Vista and make sure the network works. Sign up using Email and Password. Now just have to test it for wineows periods of time to make sure everything is working as expect.

Install Windows Server on KVM/VirtIO – mafflog

The install examples I just found are describing how to install the drivers during Windows setup. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyvritio that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Take care of the old ethernet controller here too, if you ignored my previous advice.


Downloaded the ISO from: Finally, just out of curiosity, what is Ballon and vioserial drivers for? Sign up using Facebook. From the ‘Initial Configuration Tasks’ screen Scroll down to ‘3.

The following is done with the assumption that you used virfio RackSpace Private Cloud distribution and AlamoController is the controller. Email Required, but never shown. The Balloon driver is for Memory Ballooningbut I have never managed to install it on any of my VM’s, vioserial is apparently so you can have more than one serial port. Comments and questions are welcome Thanks for supplying the right links to the redhat driver and redhat-tutorial, that completes my rough explanation.

Do the driver dance again.