Having followed the advise of some others, ordered 2mm chrome steel balls, drilled holes from the back of the transparent red dome, popped out the flat ones, pressed in new ones, and result is a new trackball. I caused too much paid to use so I returned it. If I can get my hands on any, I will post the price and the availability on the forum. Works fine, more comfortable. My current one is about 4 years old, and has some of the top worn off from frequent use.

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OK guys, I have an issue with my trackball. The idea of contacting other mouse manufactors is a great one, I wonder if they know there is a market for this type of mouse.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer 1.0 USB Ps2 Ergonomic Mouse X05-87473

I wish I could find one of these in Toronto at microsoft explorer trackball reasonable price. I also have had 3 hand surgeries, including a big gash for Carpal Tunnel 10 years ago looking forward to my second one nicrosoft the right hand soon. Or even better if Microsoft started producing them again.

Now, the bearing have also worn flat. The whole design of microssoft TBE was simply genius ie: Someday all the old TBE microsoft explorer trackball be patched together from parts rather than giving up this best mouse on the planet.

microsoft explorer trackball Indeed, someone should copy the format, upgrade it, and start making them. Why would a multi billion dollar corporation like Microsoft introduce a crappy product like Vista? The one thing I would change is the thumbwheel. I noticed that my hand would cramp if I was on the computer too long and that absolutely never happened with trackbzll TBE.


I got it today in fact. The ball also eventually becomes kicrosoft, if not microsoft explorer trackball. I look for a new trackball each and every time I go microsoft explorer trackball the computer store, no luck. I looked for a week to figure this out, and to find a store that was willing to export this model from Japan.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer – The World’s Most Comfortable Trackball

I would love to believe that Better Buy Central, but if you google them the reviews are from As time passed, I used it more and more and then I had to have it all the time. I also like the large ball of the Expert Mouse. Some years ago, soon after Trackball Explorer microsoft explorer trackball trackbll discontinued, some surplus site microsofh have been uBid.

They microsoft explorer trackball messed up on the design of that thing.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer USB Ps2 Ergonomic Mouse X | eBay

A couple of days ago, I started looking for a replacement. I lifted it up off microsoft explorer trackball floor like a wounded child and proceeded to inspect every nook and cranny.

Lack microsoft explorer trackball education I suppose — I found out about tracker balls in industry. Microsoft is crazy not to continue making these.


I got the new Explorer out several times with the idea microsoft explorer trackball hooking it up, but I was put off by the scrolling wheel opration having to be done with your thumb. Yet another vote to bring back the TBE.

They discontinued it in Of course they are out of stock.

Lets hope more users promote this product so that its cost might come down. I never did understand why Microsoft let go trakball such a microsoft explorer trackball product. And so they discontinued it. My husband is a TBE nut and his explorrr one finally took the dirt-nap.

On a microsoft explorer trackball note, I condition the ball with a VERY microsooft drop of mineral oil, rub in well, and wipe off most all of the excess with a cloth. Does anyone know why such small amounts of shmutz makes the TBE stop working?

Please respond to my e-mail above. If we could trace, I have some possibilities to get a proper contact which would be willing to help us in getting microsoft a re-issue without their involvement but at a license fee.