Navigate Review Jump to review page Increases the maximum telephoto focal length by 2. The previous W50 model sported the same top-end ISO and 1, settings, but its images were so noisy and blurry at those levels that they were essentially unusable. The shutter button is surrounded by the lens zoom ring so it is easy to recompose your shots by zooming in or out, and then quickly snap the shot. The extra megapixels will be appreciated if you need to crop your pictures or make bigger enlargements.

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Sony Cyber-shot W55 Specs – CNET

These higher settings will allow you to capture pictures in dimmer light without using flash, but as with all cameras, the sony dsc-w55 settings will be noisier than the lower settings. Indoors though, the camera’s white balance system left too much color in the images when shooting sony dsc-w55 incandescent lighting.

It’s relatively quick to turn on and has a low shutter lag time in daylight shooting, sony dsc-w55 well as decent sony dsc-w55 to shot speeds. On-screen, it’s a toss-up between the two cameras’ high-ISO shots, but when printed, images from the W55 look much better at least to my eye.

Particularly for a camera that you can carry in most any sony dsc-w55, the Sony DSC-W55 boasts a lot of features, and the controls are laid out well. The underwater case is shown above, a nice accessory not only for true underwater shooting, but also comforting if you plan a canoe or kayaking trip, or a day water skiing or at the beach. Provides extra battery and a leather carrying case not a bad idea for extended trips. Some cameras won’t snap another shot if you release and sony dsc-w55 the shutter too quickly in Sony dsc-w55 Shot mode, making “No” the preferred answer.


That’s enough power to cover a long weekend or a whole vacation without needing to recharge. A newer version of your browser may be available. The Sony DSC-W55 has a quality feel to it; neither too bulky nor too small for average-sized hands, and the weight is just right. Chrome Download the latest version. Shutter lag the delay between pressing the shutter button and the camera taking the picture is lower than that of most cameras on the market, with a range of 0.

Makes for more dramatic sky colors deeper, richer blueblocks reflections from glass and other non-metallic objects requires Sony dsc-w55 above. Get access to all information, keep your product up to date and enjoy great deals.

Oddly though, the improvement in the W55’s high-ISO shots is much more apparent in prints sony dsc-w55 on-screen. It looks like JavaScript is disabled in your browser.

Sony Cybershot DSC-W55

sony dsc-w55 Top Sony Cameras Sony A Reduces red-eye by allowing the flash to be separated from the camera. I’d just like a bit less than the W55 left in its images. Note that I’m not asking for a completely neutral color balance under incandescents here: Reduces light entering the lens, letting you use slower shutter speeds for special effects: Shot to shot sony dsc-w55 times are good, at about 1.

We recommend downloading and sony dsc-w55 the latest version of one of the following browsers:. If you like shooting close-ups, the macro mode focuses down to an exceptional two sony dsc-w55, although we found that it produced rather soft corners in its images when shooting that close.


Not Specified by Manufacturer. Navigate Review Jump to review page Notice of the Battery and the Battery Life. A “mode wheel” control vsc-w55 located in a good place for easy access.

Learn how to enjoy and use Sony products. Its somewhat short maximum shutter times limit low-light performance a little bit, but it should do just find under typical sony dsc-w55 outdoor lighting sony dsc-w55 night, and the Aony light is a real help for focusing indoors. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. That’s the underwater case Sony sony dsc-w55 it a “Sportspack” above, see the table further down this page for a full list of accessories.

Sony gets you started with 56 megabytes of internal storage, so you can shoot as soon as you get the battery charged, but we strongly recommend purchasing a large-size memory card right along with the camera. Bottom line, the W55 sony dsc-w55 quite responsive for osny to day shooting, despite its slightly slow Continuous mode. They didn’t look as strongly tinted when I printed sony dsc-w55 as they did on-screen, but I’d still have preferred a bit less coloration in some of my sony dsc-w55 son.