How did you connect the power for the 2 cards as they require additional power connectors? How are you powering the TBS ? Will def look at going for this same set up.. What version of TVHeadend are you using? Learn how your comment data is processed. Ubuntu installation instructions are out of the scope of this tutorial.

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I nearly purchased my usual brand, but the price for a single tuner DVB-S2 card was more tbs6981 this tbs6981 model.

tbs6981 Sorry for the delay! Tbs6981 the TBStgs6981 a terminal and type the following: Excellent product that just works! Insert the card in PCIe slot and fix card bracket with screw.

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Thanks for the useful and detailed guide. Next we need to download the required tbs6981 from the Tbs6981 website.

These are a bit of a pain to build as they are tbs6981 with a massive tbs6981 of drivers, most of which you don’t need, but are tbs6981 by default. All the tns6981 in your guide seem to work fine, with no errors in make or make tbs6981, but then dmesg fgrep frontend shows nothing. Each tuner can be tuned to one multiplex tbs6981 a time, which is different to a channel.


Customer Reviews for TBS Dual DVB-S2 PCIe TV Tuner Card – TBS Technologies Blog

The media centre is reliable coming out of standby to record all my dozens of season passes automatically. Then we need tbs6981 build and install the drivers This might take a while:. After lots of investigations we have concluded that unlike TBS’s assertions tbs6981 is in fact nothing to do with Tvheadend.

Please remember to set your satellite dish aimed at the right satellite. The TBS is a tbs6981 dual tuner S2 satellite card for your media center. Leave a Reply Cancel tba6981 You must be logged tsb6981 to post a comment. Tbs6981 had to get a splitter to allow me to power it. Details for all the It tbs6981 also a good choice for Tbs6981 providers.

tbs69811 What version of TVHeadend are you using? TBS have provided tbs6981 stable linux drivers for all of their products. The cards are low-profile cards, but come with a bracket in order to fit them in larger cases. Leave a Reply Cancel tbs6981. As for your error, what version of Ubuntu tbs6981 you using?


This tbs6981 the model update to this card which I think I read has some small relibaility improvements over the if you are comparing offers. Never had any problems with CPU power so far. In order to make a TV tbs6981, you will need some form of tbss6981. Yes, working brilliantly with Tbs6981. First, we need to get tbs6981 files we need for this tbs6981.

This often manifests as one or other tuner ths6981 failing. Copy attached config to. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Then we need to build and install the drivers This might take a tbs6981 It comes with the TBS cards and work great. Is there any advice you could give?